Melodrama Album Review


Okay, so I know Lorde’s latest album was released a few months ago, but if I’m being honest, I still can’t get over it. Each song has a vibing rhythm, sentimental lyrics and underlying tones of heartbreak - literally everything that makes an album great! While many believe that Lorde struck gold with her 2013 album, Pure Heroine, I personally think that Melodrama is her best work yet -  a musical milestone for the 20-year-old.

When I first listened to Melodrama, like many other Lorde fans, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I suppose I was anticipating somewhat of a low-key, Indie vibe, which is what she was going for with her first album. However, when I listened to the first track, I was completely taken aback - Green Light was (and still is) a total jam! I rocked out in my car, ngl.

As I continued listening, the more I began to vibe with Lorde’s new tracks. A few of my favorites are Homemade Dynamite, Liability, and, another car jam, Hard Feelings/Loveless, which is basically two songs in one. The first half of the track is smooth and slow-paced, but the second half really picks up, and exudes an energetic, lively feeling that makes you want to vibe, chill, and have a good time.

An interesting aspect of Melodrama, one which drew a lot of attention from listeners, is how the track Liability plays twice over the course of the album’s 41 minute running time. My personal understanding is that Lorde is trying to tell a story through her album, as it’s told from a stream of conscious point of view during a difficult break-up. It has been reported that Melodrama is almost entirely directed at the singer’s ex-boyfriend, James Lowe. Ouch…

The very last track of the album, and my personal favorite, is Perfect Places. Let’s just say Lorde knew what she was doing when she wrote that song, because I can honestly jam to it for days on end. While all of Melodrama’s tracks are great, I believe Lorde saved the best track for last, and many of my peers feel the same way. In all, I would advise everyone to give Melodrama a listen. You definitely won’t regret it!