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The Instagram Account All JCU Students Should be Following

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.


Many John Carroll students will follow the requisite Instagram accounts like the university’s official page, SUPB, and dining services. These, I would consider, to be the bare minimum of JCU social pages. You will get your classic donor-bait, info about rarely-attended events, and inedible food provided by the Caf. Most of the information is unhelpful and/or doesn’t pertain to your daily life. 

phone, headphones, and coffee with foam art
Juja Han on Unsplash

The next tier of Instagrams comes from anonymous student-run accounts. These include your average “overheard” and “complements” pages. Like any small university, the “complements” page features anonymous submissions from those students too afraid to confess their true feelings as well as those who DM compliments from themselves. Maybe the worst offender among student accounts would be those with “overheard” in the handle. Every post seems to be a copy-pasted cliche or an over-exaggeration of average things JCU students say. Sometimes it’s genuinely painful to read the posts. 

You may be wondering, what Instagram account should I be following then? If you are a human being who has ever used a restroom on or near campus, you need to be following JCU Toilets. This account frequently posts hilarious photos of neighborhood toilets with informative captions. Are you in the basement of O’Malley and feel last night’s Bario working through your small intestine? Want to know if any toilets are backed up, unclean, or crowded? Check JCU Toilets and stress no more. Pro tip: It’s a great way to prevent walking in on un-flushed toilets. I know students who have created Instagrams only to have constant access to JCU Toilets. It’s a necessity for all JCU students who want to acclimate into Streak Society.