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He Said, She Said: Pickup Lines and PDA

What is the worst/best pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Allison: I had the privilege of hearing the worst pick up line during my time as a SWAT leader for the graduating class of 2018.  Actually, it was a tie between two…I guess that was what I got for asking the group to come up with pick-up lines as an icebreaker. Okay, so they are 1. “Girl, did you just fart? Because you blew me away.” And 2. “Hey girl, I just farted so let’s get out of here.” PLEASE do not use these ever. Like ever.

Derek: The worst pick up line I have ever heard is, “If you were a fruit you’d be a FINEAPPLE!”

… I may have been the one who said this.

The best one I have heard, I have also done this, goes like this: you are walking next to your crush, and you slightly lean forward and stop as if you are going to tie your shoes. When you do this, hold out your hand and say, “Can you hold this for a second?” Being polite and maybe they will accept, and you follow by holding their hand. Go out and try these and the many others out there, they are fun!

How do you feel about PDA on campus?

Allison: Ah, PDA on campus. To start off, I would like to say that, in most cases, I am able to tell if a male and female who are walking together around campus are in a relationship…let’s just say I have a great sense of intuition. Because of this, I feel that PDA is not necessary around campus. DO NOT make out in the middle of the cafe, please. Don’t even kiss. Everyone who is in the cafe is trying to eat, not be thoroughly disturbed by your affection towards one another. You can easily take that to your room considering all of the dorms are no more than a 3 minute walk from the cafe. As for holding hands while walking to class, this is also unnecessary. Most students are typically in a rush to get to class, and by taking up the whole sidewalk because you want to hold hands is not okay. Professors do not accept, “Sorry I’m late, I got stuck behind a couple holding hands who were walking extremely slow,” as an excuse. To be safe and to save yourself from dirty looks, just save the PDA for your room or go off campus.

Derek: PDA on campus can be acceptable, up to a certain level. It is completely fine to hold hands. I will even go as far to say a peck on the lips is okay as well. However, no one wants to see you macking on each other like it is the last day on earth. The rule of thumb here is to keep any kissing to less than one second, and you should be fine.

Do you hate clowns as much as I do?

Allison: Personally, I don’t hate clowns but my boyfriend does. Clowns with chainsaws? They’re a little scary, but that’s an extreme case. 

Derek: Ever since my brothers forced me to watch Stephen King’s It, when I was a young child, I have had a deep-seeded hatred and fear of clowns. Once a couple years after watching that movie, my parents hired a clown for my surprise birthday party, I may or may not have attacked a clown that day thinking he was trying to kill my family. I hate clowns.

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