"Grey's Anatomy" Season 15: Thoughts and Predictions

Disclaimer: If you are not fully caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, please do not read this article (unless you want it to be spoiled…).

Last spring semester, I somehow binged all 14 seasons of Grey’s in about four months. I swear this show took over my life. I live and breathe "Grey’s Anatomy" now… like my car is named Derek Shepherd (R.I.P.). So, before Season 15 aired, I did not have high expectations. How many shows can go 15 seasons and still be the same suspenseful, exciting show it started as?

Well, my overall feeling about this season is just eh. I’m not wowed, but I’m not really disappointed either. After 15 seasons, I’m sick of getting introduced to new characters because, let’s be real, nobody can replace the originals like Derek, Cristina or Callie. These new interns keep the show fresh and give opportunities for new stories, but I’m so invested in Meredith and Owen, scenes with the new interns seem like commercials to me. Also, some of the story line is just not my cup of tea. The only current plot line I want to really see is this love triangle, baby situation between Teddy, Amelia, and Owen. I love that Alex and Jo are the Karevs, I love seeing Meredith put herself out there again, but it’s getting redundant.

The endless cycle of attending-resident relationships is getting old; this fling with Meredith and Deluca just feels so wrong to me. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out for Catherine and Jackson Avery, considering Catherine’s health issues, but it’s only a minor subject at this point. It hasn’t even been talked about enough to be considered a plot line. For example, the mid-season premiere from last week seemed like something we’d already seen. An insane storm, with Alex trapped at home, all hell breaking loose inside, patients deteriorating, a grouch that ends up turning nice by the end, and Meredith being a flirt. The only part of this episode that left me on the edge of my seat was the scene where the elevator repairman’s legs got caught in the elevator shaft. Other than that, I was kind of bored. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this season. Every show has a season that seems like a lull, but "Grey’s Anatomy" is burning out.

As far as predictions, I’m not exactly sure what to expect. I’m sure the Teddy-Amelia-Owen triangle will blow up. Meredith will somehow date every male in the hospital that she hasn’t yet. Dr. Bailey will have a moment really talking about what she’s going through mentally. Alex and Jo will be married in the background, unless something blows up. The Averys will have a lot of family time with Catherine and Jackson learning to cope with their fate. I’m sure there will be a sprinkle of disasters, between the insane Seattle weather, an attachment to a patient or something else, but I feel like the end is near. As sad as I am about the possibility of this being the final season, I think it’s time. Hopefully Season 15 doesn’t ruin my favorite show for me and hopefully this season let's the show finish with the same glory it once had.