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Finals Inspiration

It’s not final’s week yet, but [wo]man, are we already feeling it’s harsh sting. It’s getting dark ridiculously early, you are still feeling a little fat from Thanksgiving, everything for all of your classes is due on the same day, AND it’s cold. It’s enough to get anyone down. Have you run out of ways to combat the December blues? Don’t worry, JCU, we have exactly what you need. Consider it an early Christmas gift, from us to you.

17 Inspirational Quotes from Drag Queens that remind You that you got this, Hunty

Mantras to Repeat While Writing that Paper Due at 3:30, or When You’re Sitting Down to Take that Exam that Determines Your Destiny:

1) “Remember who you really are. Unleash the dragon and let these [girls] have it!” – Rupaul

2) “Get a grip get a life and get over it.” – Alyssa Edwards

3) “The five G please: Good God Gotta Get a Grip” – Latrice Royale

4) “I am a queen who takes trash and I turn it into treasure. You have to take whatever you have and make the most of it” – Alaska Thunderf***

5) “I’ve always known in the back on my mind that there was something about me that was better than everyone else.” – Raja

6) “Fake it till you make it” – Sharon Needles

Reminders that This is, In Fact, Not the End of The World, and That You Will, in Fact, Live on To Graduate:

7) “It’s ok to make mistakes… I made some. You just have to get up and look sickening, and make them eat it.” – Latrice Royale

8) “Don’t get bitter, just get better” – Alyssa Edwards

9) “Emotions are for ugly people.” -Willam Belli

10) “The best revenge is just to do better” – Alaska Thunderf***

11) “If you can’t hide it, just put some glitter all over it.” – Manilla Luzon

Exaltations to Scream from the Rooftops when you finally Finish this Crazy, Stupid, Messed Up Thing we Call Exams:

12) “I don’t get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous” – Alyssa Edwards

14) “Feeling like a b**** who just buried her third husband.” – Bianca Del Rio

15) “Because I have a Master’s degree in being fierce.” – Raja

16) “When you become the image of your own imagination, that’s the most powerful thing you can do.” – Rupaul

17) “As long as you love yourself and you’re proud of everything you did, [screw] what everyone else says.” – Raven

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