Campus Cutie: Fred Anger

The Basics:

Name: Fredrick Anger

Hometown: Chesterland, Ohio

Year: Sophomore

Major: Environmental Science

JCU Life:

Favorite Spot on Campus: Schott Dining Hall - There’s always coffee

Best Class: Bio 3 - Favorite stuff to learn about

Campus Involvement: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, JCU Pep Band, SWAT Leader

Favorite Thing about JCU: I like the small community aspect, it’s something that I have always had. Everyone is intermingled and connected.

Favorite JCU Memory: Living on the 2nd floor of Campion last year

Fun Facts:

Favorite Song: "Lullaby" by Billy Joel

Favorite Movie: comedy: The Other Guys, Serious movie: The Patriot

Favorite TV Show: SNL

Dream Job: Park Ranger for the National Park Service

Celebrity Look-alike: Chris Pratt

Fun Fact: I own a pair of leggings, and I enjoy wearing them in the privacy of my home. I also own 4 ukuleles.

Love Life:

Relationship Status: Taken

Best Quality in a Girl: Confidence, Musically-Inclined

Celeb Crush: Aubrey Plaza