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Campus Cutie: Ese Osaghae

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

The Basics:

Name: Ese Osaghae   

Year: Sophomore

Major: Physics

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Life at John Carroll:

Campus Involvement: I am a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, The Society of Physics Students, Environmental Issues Group, and SUPB. I also make quality drinks at the Cubby :)

Favorite Thing about JCU:  I love that if you put in as much effort you choose when it comes to anything here such as academics, sports, and even social life, you can see the merits of your effort.

Favorite Class: Modern Physics has been a whirlwind, but I enjoy all of it.  Dr. Lacueva is a sweetheart!

Favorite Building on Campus: Dolan Science Center.

Favorite John Carroll Memory: When it snowed for the first time last year, some friends and I made a large 7 foot snowman as well as snow angels all around campus.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Movie: Yes Man, because I have tried to adopt the philosophy of being very open in everything I do, although not to the extreme in this movie.

Favorite Song: From a large list of songs I love “I think Mr. Brightside” by The Killers is my favorite.

Favorite TV Show: Community

Dream Job: My dream job is to be an environmental physicist/engineer who travels to countries who do not have adequate means to sustain environmental progress.  So hopefully I can make an impact on those who may not be as fortunate as I am.

Fun Fact:  I can speak 4 languages fluently and I have taken yoga classes for 4 years.

Love Life:

Relationship Status: Single

What do you look for in a significant other:  Some great sarcastic humor, nice fashion sense, and someone who can make me smile at any point.

Celebrity Crush: Katy Perry