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The Best Things about Girls’ Night

Here at Her Campus JCU, we’ve been thinking a lot about what we love the most about a night in with our girls in the midst of our upcoming event on April 24. Here are the things we think are the best about hanging out on a Friday night with our besties. 

1. Comfy clothes. All bets are off on a Friday night in with the girls. When you go out, they show up and you start putting on your make up and pretty clothes for going out. But for a night in, they show up and you collectively take off the make-up, switch to contacts (for those of us who wear contacts), pop in the retainer (and make fun of each other for not being able to talk), and put on the comfiest clothes you own. There’s something really special about being able to wear fleece pants and a XXL sweatshirt that easily adds 20 lbs. and knowing that they won’t judge you. #SquadGoals

2. Facials. Only with your best friends can you make homemade masks and leave them on taking pictures of your alien face for 15 minutes. Sure, during the week by yourself you might use a premade mask out of necessity but once Friday night hits and you’re with your friends, it becomes less of a chore and more of a process. You laugh as you mix the ingredients and put them on each other’s faces…and as you take embarrassing snapchats and send them to no one but each other because you trust them not to screenshot. Bonus points if you put make up on right after the mask is off even though you took off your makeup for the day not 20 minutes earlier. Also you will probably braid each other’s hair while the mask sits. Or, that one girl that knows how to braid will braid everyone’s hair. Whatever.

3. Food. You laugh so much when you’re with your BFFs the calories don’t count…right? Let’s go with yes. All bets are off when it comes to food on girls’ night. You’ve seen that Gilmore Girls episode where they get all the food to watch Willy Wonka with Dean? Yeah, that’s a weekly occurrence with your best girlfriends. Yeah, maybe you should be reminding each other that a tub of raw cookie dough, gummy worms, a whole pizza, the brownies you decided to bake at 2 AM, and a 2 liter of Mountain Dew are probably not good. Good thing you love each other too much to take away that kind of taste bud heaven by reminding them how crappy they’re going to feel in the morning. Plus if they remind you, they can no longer eat like crap either, and that’s just not going to happen. What are friends for if not to be gluttons together?

4. Nails. So obviously nail painting is a girls’ night staple. It’s always the best when you’re at the girl’s house who’s legitimately good at doing nails so she has a ton of polish with all the nail art polishes. Even if you’re like me and you peel off all the polish the second one nail chips (they all have to match you know?) it’s still so fun to paint each other’s nails and try your hand at some cool designs. Plus, you can paint your toes. Chances are you won’t peel off your toe nail polish the next day.

5. Coloring. It is 100% possible that me and my friends are the only ones who’ve done this, but if that’s the case, there’s a large chunk of the population that’s missing out on something wonderful. Laugh if you want, but don’t knock it until you try it. I LOVE coloring. I actually just got a giant Frozen coloring book for Easter and I was thrilled. Look, it’s been proven that coloring is relaxing. Coloring books for adults are actually a thing and their sales are not too shabby. But, when we have Disney princesses, why would we ever need a coloring book for adults. My friends and I have legitimately laid on the floor with coloring pages and crayons and colored on Friday night and it is glorious. It’s relaxing and so much fun to revert back to your childhood for a little bit and create your masterpiece. Plus, who doesn’t love coloring Disney princesses with that hair and those dresses?

6. Movies. When else can you laugh so hard at chick flicks that may or may not be funny enough to deserve the roaring laughter you give it? The answer is never. And, of course, when you’re not laughing way too hard at your chick flick and ignoring it entirely, it serves as nice background noise so that you don’t convince yourselves someone’s trying to break in when the ice maker kicks on. No one else enjoys a good chick flick like your girlfriends and it’s just not the same watching them by yourself without your BFFs’ commentary and laughter, not to mention without them to appreciate everything you undoubtedly end up relating to. To truly enjoy a chick flick, you have to watch it with your best friends.

7. Friendship bracelets. Ok, again, maybe this is just something I do with my friends but again you’re missing out if you don’t. So you know how at camp and stuff you always made those cool friendship bracelets by tying knots? Turns out they get easier to do when your fingers grow up and your attention span (slightly) improves. One night in high school I was sitting in my room with one of my friends and we decided to break out my old shoebox full of string and make each other bracelets. We looked up different patterns on the internet (this was in the early days of Pinterest so I’m not sure that we did that, but man, if we had, we’d have been up all night knotting string) and tied our knots while we talked and watched (ignored) our movie.

So there you go. Everything you need to have a great girls’ night. Lucky for you, you can get all of this next Friday, April 24, at 10 PM in Jardine. Come in comfy clothes, bring your nail polish, get pampered with a facial from our HC staff members, eat some good junk food, laugh with Emma Stone in Easy A, and prepare to laugh and relax with your friends. It’s the Friday before the last week of classes so it will provide you with a beautiful opportunity to relax as the semester winds down (or winds up depending on how you look at it). We are so excited to put on our first event for you! We hope you’ll come out with your friends and have fun as well as learn more about Her Campus JCU. We cannot wait to see all your beautiful faces next week! XOXO

Junior Integrated Marketing Communications major and Psychology minor. Fan of Netflix and her smartphone.
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