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Ask Allison

Why do girls travel together to the bathroom?

            Girls make journeys to the restroom together simply for moral support. No matter how small the bathroom may be, even if it means you have to share a stall, girls will always travel together. We need someone to hold the bathroom door in case it doesn’t fully shut or lock. We need someone to tell us we still look as great and fresh as we did when we left the house even though that was eight hours ago. We need someone to carry on a conversation with us while in the restroom. Basically, we need another female to go through this experience with us. I mean, who knows what could possibly happen in the bathroom?

How do you adjust to a new semester?         

            Adjusting to a new semester can be difficult; however, it’s something we all must do. Personally, I try to make somewhat of a regular schedule. I basically live off of my three planners…yes, three. Oh, and don’t forget those to-do lists. However, these techniques don’t work for everyone, so here’s a list of ways that you can get adjusted. First, know your class schedule, and mark down important due dates. Second, know when you have club and activity meetings. Third, factor in time for food because you need some nourishment in your life. Fourth, make time for the gym or any other physical activities. Fifth, decide when and how long you want to sleep each night. Last, but not least, make time for daily naps, whether they’re ten minutes or three hours.

How do you feel about changing your major?

            I think that changing your major is something that most people do at least once, if not more. I have switched my major twice, and I absolutely love the major I have finally chosen. Changing your major requires you to not only know yourself, but also know what you want out of life. While your major does not necessarily decide your future career, it does play a large role in the general path you will take. I think changing your major is something that should be done earlier in your college journey; changing your major towards the middle or end of your four years typically results in being behind, and sometimes even forces you to add an extra year or two onto your four year experience. Just know that changing your major is a decision only you should be making, and you need to do it for you. Don’t let anyone, including family or friends, deter you from choosing the path you desire to take.

How do you politely ask people to leave your room?

            Living on a floor that has a strong sense of community is amazing, and it brings a unique experience to my collegiate years. However, this also means that everyone constantly wants to socialize and be in each others’ rooms. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to others and having people in my room! But, sometimes we all just need to be alone and the last thing we want or need is someone who won’t leave your room. At this point, we find ourselves in a predicament: how are we possibly going to get this person to leave? If you want to be forward, which is typically best, just as the person if they don’t mind leaving and maybe coming back later because you have something to do or you simply just want to be alone. If you are too uncomfortable to ask someone to leave, try dropping little hints. Sometimes, people will come talk to me right as I am about to go to bed. I don’t want to be rude, because I know that what they have to tell me is typically of importance. However, my bed just calls me sometimes, and I would rather lay my head on my pillow and close my eyes. If this happens, I will start pulling my pajamas out of my drawers and place them on my bed. Not only that, but I will start pulling the sheets on my bed back, signaling that I am attempting to go to bed. Ultimately, there are several different ways to ask someone to leave, it just depends if you want to be blunt or subliminal.

How do you get an annoying guy to leave you alone?

            If you find yourself being annoyed by a male and want to be left alone, you need to shut it down. NOW.  If they are texting you, tell them that you are unable to talk right now. If they keep creepily finding you in the caf, tell them you have friends waiting or you have to leave. However, the best thing to do in any situation is be honest. Tell them that you are uncomfortable and want to be left alone! They might think you’re a witch, or something like that, but at least you were honest. Honesty is the best policy, always.

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