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5 Things You Can Find at Fall Markets

With fall break is just around the corner, it’s that time of year when many people flock to local farmers markets for certain fall staples.  Check out some of the must-haves for the next time you find yourself at a market.


Sure it may be convenient to buy a bag from the grocery store, but the beauty of fall is being able to pick them yourself when they’re in season. You can hand pick and spend hours over which apples are perfect or the “best”, plus you can grab the people close to you and make it an enjoyable weekend day trip to make it a fun adventure. Apples have the capability to be used in many ways such as decoration or more importantly, which brings me to my next point… Cider!


Top off your day at the market by taking home some refreshing, sweet apple cider to go. At the last farm market, I went to, it was right next to the checkout line, how could one resist!


One of the things I look forward to when going to the market nearest to me would be the hayrides that are put on throughout the season. While it is very family-friendly, it still has that late night spooky vibe that wouldn’t be complete without Halloween features, and of course while riding on hay barrels on the back of a tractor-trailer.


While Halloween isn’t until the end of the month, many people spend all month in preparation for this fun holiday. Aside from apples, the next biggest necessity would by far be the pumpkins. As an unofficial symbol of fall, as well as Halloween, many decorate the outsides of their homes with this fruit. Yes, believe it or not, pumpkins are fruits because of their seeds. The next time you’re at a market, pick up two pumpkins; one for decoration or carving, and one for food.


Desserts usually pull us in from the outdoor aspect and complete the trip to the market. Each place you go to typically has something homemade that stands out and calls you back for more. My favorite market here in Ohio always has the best fresh-baked fall donuts, which makes the day worth the while. My favorite market back in New York always has me coming back for homemade bread, whether it’s banana bread or pumpkin bread, I cannot wait to make a purchase. Finally, pies during autumn are unforgettable, especially since the main ingredients are in season. This can range from buying the pie at the market, knowing it’s been made fresh with the current harvest, or you can purchase the ingredients yourself and make desserts from scratch. Whichever method you choose, pies are one dessert that has a lasting impression on this season from the wide variety each market has.


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