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  1. The WEATHER 

It is finally starting to get warmer outside! This change in weather means that you can start to do more activities in nature. You can go on hikes, have picnics, take your Zoom classes outside, and take your pets for walks! 

girl on roadtrip
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  1. Time to Reset 

As the season is changing, it can be a great time to rest your life. Take time for yourself to fix what you want and get back on track. Do a little bit of spring cleaning to get rid of any clutter you might have. Maybe rearrange your room or pick up a new routine that will help you stay on track!

Woman in white shirt sleeping in bed
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  1. Spring Clothes! 

It is time to bring out the short sleeves, ripped jeans, and skirts! Put the bulky jackets and sweaters in the back of your closet. As spring is approaching, you can bring out the flower patterned clothes and bright colors to really embrace the new season. 

  1. Spring Break

Some people may be getting ready to relax and have spring break. It is a great time to celebrate Easter and spend time with your family. Many students are ready to get the time to relax and regroup before the ending of the semester. Remember to take the time to relax and reset to end your semester strong!

two women sitting on a car
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  1. Plants! 

The weather is finally getting warmer, which means that the flowers are going to start blooming! You will finally be able to see trees start blooming. It is the time to start planting if you want and enjoy the beauty that is blooming around you! 

hands holding a plant
Photo by Noah Buscher from Unsplash

My name is Jana Abulbana and I am psychology and peace, justice, and human rights major from John Carroll University. I am a member of Chi Omega on my campus! I love to read, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy being outdoors.
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