5 CLE Ice Cream Joints for Sub-Zero Temperatures

From January through December, there’s never a wrong time for ice cream in Cleveland. With several parlors open year-round, it’s pretty easy to satisfy your sweet tooth. Listed below are five ice cream joints that are always worth the visit - even in sub-zero temperatures.

  1. Mitchell’s. Located just near Beachwood Place, Mitchell’s is extremely convenient for John Carroll students. Crafted with farm-fed dairy and homemade ingredients, this local ice cream joint has been a smash hit for decades. Tropical sherbets and sorbets are still being served, perhaps to add a hint of summer to the frigid days ahead.

  2. Ben and Jerry’s. Speaking of convenience, you can’t get much closer  than Ben and Jerry’s, which is located just off campus on Fairmount Circle. Once you finish studying at the lib, you can make a brisk, five minute walk to B&J’s to satisfy your ice cream needs. If the cold is just too much for you to bear, there’s parking in the front and back!

  3. Dairy Queen. Experience DQ’s famous blizzard (soft serve ice cream mixed with toppings of your choice) in a variety of flavors. With “blizzards of the month,” ice cream specials and a fast food menu, DQ has something for everyone to enjoy. Get a blizzard (or a burger) in a blizzard!

  4. Zero Below. The name says it all. As temperatures drop below zero next week, why not treat yourself to an especially cold ice cream dish? Zero Below serves “rolled ice cream,” as its concoctions are poured, scraped into ribbons and decorated before your eyes. Popular flavors include s’mores, morning latte and “the cookie monster.”

  5. Cathy’s Creamery. Creator of the original “ultimate” ice cream sandwich, Cathy’s satisfies the sweetest of sweet tooths. With your choice of ice cream squished between two warm, homemade cookies, these sugary concoctions may add a touch of warmth to the cold weeks ahead.