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5 Cheap Christmas Presents your Best Friend Will Love

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

As we come to the end of the semester, we’re starting to realize just how much money we’ve spent on late-night coffee from Starbucks and outrageously priced textbooks. With all these random expenses, not a whole lot is left over for presents during the holiday season. But, good news, cheap, do-it-yourself presents are a thing, and they’re cuter than ever. Here’s five presents specifically for your best friend that will mean so much more than just picking something up from the store.


  1. Scrapbook

-Who doesn’t love a scrapbook?! Fill it with photographs of adventures you two have gone on together, ticket stubs, letters, funny jokes, anything! The best part about scrapbooks is how unique and creative they can be. Fill it with whatever would make your bestie happy when she’s having a bad day, and I guarantee it’ll be her favorite present for years to come.


  1. “Open When” Letters

-With your friend possibly being at a different college, or even a different state, you can’t always be there for her right away. However, you can write letters for every mood or emotion she may be feeling and it’ll be the next-best thing. Here are a few ideas for “open when” letters to get the inspiration going:

            -”Open when you’re feeling sad”

            -”Open when you need a laugh”

            -”Open when you’re missing home”

            -”Open when you’re feeling sick”

            -”Open when you’re stressed with school”

            -”Open when you’re dealing with friend drama”

            -”Open when you need motivation”

            -”Open when you need a compliment/pep talk”

            -”Open when you’re having a good day”

            -”Open when you’re hungry”

                        -tip: get a manila envelope and stick some candy and snacks in it


  1. Note Jar

-My best friend made one of these for me for Christmas last year, and it made me cry, it was so sweet. She took this big mason jar and tied a pretty ribbon around it, with a note attached that said “Reasons Why I Love You” and filled it to the brim with compliments and inside jokes and sweet little notes that only we would understand. I still keep the jar on my dresser and whenever I’m having a bad day, I just pull out a couple of the notes and instantly feel better.


  1. For your “Mistle-toes” pamper package

-This is both a pun and a present, I don’t know about you, but that’s a recipe for a successful Christmas gift in my book. For this gift, you will take a pair of cute slippers or fuzzy socks (or both!) and put some cute nail polish as well. Be sure to include a tag that says “for your “mistle-toes”, that’s the best part! :)


  1. “52 Reasons Why I Love You” deck of cards

-This one is pretty similar to the jar of notes idea, but more compact and it requires a little bit more work. Use thick white cardstock to tape on to either side of each of the 52 cards. On each card, include a reason why your best friend is your best friend and why you love them. Using a hole punch, punch two holes onto the left hand side of each cards and use binder clips to connect them all together, like a book. Your bestie can keep this cute little reminder of your friendship in a purse or backpack to always have on hand in case she needs a smile :) This one could even work for a boyfriend, sibling, or parent! It’s an inexpensive, personal way to show someone how much you care about them.