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Why Being Independent Isn’t So Bad

Being independent is not so bad right? When you see or hear that word does it kind of scare you and make you want to run and hide? Well not me… Being independent is something I am thankful for and there are many different reasons why. One reason why, is I do not have to depend on anyone for anything. I work two jobs, while managing school, my sorority activities, a social life, paying bills, and spending time with my family. Sound like a lot yet? To some it will but I am used to and honestly I am grateful to have parents who encourage me to pay for stuff on my own. You want to know why? I have another word for you… RESPONSIBILITY… I am responsible for making sure everything is paid when it should be and turning in task and assignments on time. It is preparing me early for the real world. Another word… APPRECIATION… I appreciate things so much more now. I appreciate and cherish the things I buy with my own money. I am forever thankful if a family member decides to splurge and buy me dinner. Being independent and grown up makes you realize that the small things that people do for you are the greatest impact of them all. 

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