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Fall is my favorite season of the year because so many things are happening: the leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping, pumpkin spice returns, and Thanksgiving is not that far away. My favorite thing about October is that it is the beginning of the fall season. The leaves start changing colors and the weather starts to cool. Once the temperature drops, I bring out all my comfy sweaters, cardigans, fuzzy socks, and I also stock up on pumpkin spice creamer and hot chocolate. I love pumpkin spice coffee creamer and hot chocolate. To me there is nothing better than curling up with a book, in a comfy sweater with a steaming hot beverage, which is usually coffee or hot chocolate.


Mariah Yales

Jax State '21

I am a junior at JSU, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. My concentration is in the Applied Behavior Analysis field of study. I have two dogs, Riley and Harley, who are the best.I spend my time reading, walking, listening to music, and watching TV.
Nana Barimah

Jax State '21

My name is Nana Barimah. I am a Junior-ish at Jacksonville State University. I am the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Jax State