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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jax State chapter.

October marks the beginning of the fall season! With this season comes many fun activities! My personal favorite fall activity is painting pumpkins. People typically think of carving pumpkins in the fall, but I am here to tell you that painting a pumpkin is just as fun!

This fall activity is perfect for everyone. You do not have to be an artist to paint a pumpkin. You can do a very simple design or bring out your inner Picasso and paint something very elaborate. Also, painting a pumpkin is not near as messy as carving one, making the clean-up super quick and easy. This activity is also perfect for the college student because it is something you can do right in your dorm room, and who doesn’t love finding new ways to spice up their dorm décor!

Julia Webb

Jax State '21

I am a sophomore at Jacksonville State University majoring in nursing.
Nana Barimah

Jax State '21

My name is Nana Barimah. I am a Junior-ish at Jacksonville State University. I am the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Jax State