Meet Your Campus Correspondent

Meet Nana! You can probably find me around campus hanging out at the TMB or walking around jamming out to music! I am from Douglasville, Georgia! I love watching trash tv. I LIVE for the drama of reality shows. I can binge watch an entire season or The Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, or KUWTK in one day. Oops. I am a Secondary Ed (6-12) major with a concentration in ELA. I plan to teach while getting my masters and EDS so that I can one day be an administrator. I would also love to be a Reading Interventionist for younger kids (PreK-3).

HC at JS inspires me because I am surrounded by and get to lead a team of amazing and supportive women. We as a team have a goal to “reach women where they are,” and my team of ladies do such a great job pouring into the women on our campus as well as pouring into me.