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The 6 Best Spring Break Staycations in Indiana

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUPUI chapter.

Not traveling for spring break? Not a problem! This article features 6 great places around Indianapolis to explore for a low-cost this spring break. No need to drop a fortune on flights and hotels to get away- Indiana has everything from cute towns to serene natural wonders. Happy staycationing! 

Brown County, Indiana

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The beauty of Brown County has long fascinated both artists and Hoosiers everywhere. Take a hike on some of the most scenic trails in the state, and watch nature come alive during the spring season. Is hiking not your thing? No worries! The town of Nashville, Indiana, offers a unique rustic charm. Catch some country music at The Brown County Music Center or indulge in a meal at the Artist’s Colony Inn. The downtown area features an assortment of eclectic shops- with everything ranging from handmade instruments to artisan chocolates and crystals! Located about an hour south of  Indianapolis, Brown County is perfect for a college student looking for a rustic getaway. 

Columbus, Indiana

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This city in Southern Indiana is best known for its architecture, but it also offers a wide variety of other activities. Indulge in some sweet treats at Zaharkos, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that opened in 1900, decorated with Tiffany style lamps, stained glass, and ornate mirrors. The area also features several hidden culinary gems, including Upland Brewery, Ramen Alley, and Zwanzig’s. Columbus also offers bus tours of its architectural features, perfect for anyone who wants to explore unique buildings in Indiana. If you’re looking for a variety of different experiences, be sure to check out what Columbus has to offer!

Newfields art and nature park

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Looking for a cultural experience over spring break? Newfields Art Museum, has you covered! Located in Indianapolis, the four-story building features interesting and unexpected artwork from all over the world. Browse their collections of ancient art or find something unexpected in their exhibit on design. Take Instagram-worthy photos in the LUME, an immersive art experience that allows you to fully live in the painting. Things to do at Newfields expand beyond the museum: the complex also features a large art and nature park just outside. Be immersed in impressive works of sculpture while enjoying the natural beauty of spring. Located only 10 minutes away from IUPUI’s campus, Newfields is a perfect spot for someone who wants to learn something new or freshen up their Instagram feed! 

French Lick, Indiana

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Known for the historic West Baden resort, whose gorgeous atrium was once considered an 8th wonder of the world, French Lick has some surprising offerings for a college student looking to explore new places over spring break. Explore the town’s historic resort, and even treat yourself to a spa day! If you are looking for a unique activity, consider taking a train ride through the town’s scenery. There are also a variety of activities located only a short drive away, such as Wilstem Wildlife Park, or Cave, if you are feeling adventurous. French Lick has a variety of offerings, if you just want to relax and unwind, or go on an adventure! 

Franklin, Indiana

Located 30 minutes south of downtown, this classic Indiana small town is a hidden gem, perfect for someone looking for exciting experiences on their staycation. The historic downtown area is home to several local businesses worth exploring. Enjoy a latte and a pastry at Main and Madison Café, find a spring break read at Wild Geese Bookshop, and check out many of the antique stores that line the city’s downtown. End your evening with a movie at the Artcraft Theatre, a 100-year-old vintage movie theater. The city also offers an array of parks and walking trails, making it perfect for someone who wants to enjoy being outside as well. Franklin offers a variety of activities, perfect for anyone who wants to support local businesses in the heart of Indiana 

Turkey run state park

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Looking to get away from it all over spring break? Look no further than Turkey Run State Park! This state park offers amazing hikes through the region’s gorgeous gorges and natural rock formations. Offerings at this park expand beyond hiking, however. Try a new activity, like horseback riding through the park’s breathtaking scenery. Spend some time on the lake, kayaking or canoeing. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of college life, without spending a fortune on a vacation, Turkey Run is a perfect getaway.  

Virginia is a sophomore at Indiana University Indianapolis, studying anthropology, museum studies, and minoring in writing. She aspires to work in a museum, preferably as a curator or exhibit developer. In addition to her studies, Virginia is an active member of Alpha Chi Omega, Her Campus, and various performing arts groups around Indianapolis. Virginia enjoys theatre, writing, traveling, and pilates.