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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

In recent years, YouTube has acted as a great platform for independent animators to share their up-and-coming passion projects. Many of which have since garnered critical acclaim and devoted fanbases. Some, like Hazbin Hotel, have been picked up by larger studios to be streamed as official series.

Here are some animated web series that I think are underrated.

The Amazing Digital Circus

created by Gooseworx

The Amazing Digital Circus follows a group of characters who have been trapped within a virtual reality with no memories of who they are or how they got there. Can they maintain their sanity, or will they end up becoming “abstracted”?

Spooky Month

Created by Sr. Pelo

Spooky Month follows Skid and Pump, two hyperactive kids obsessed with Halloween who obliviously wreak havoc upon the people around them during their various misadventures. From summoning a demon to foiling the efforts of a serial killer, they may end up unveiling the town’s hidden secrets…


Created by Tracy Butler

In a version of the Prohibition Era where there are anthropomorphic cats, Lackadaisy follows the efforts of a group of interesting characters fighting to keep the titular speakeasy afloat after the founder’s passing. Their bootlegging misadventures often coming into conflict with their main rival, Marigold.

Murder Drones

created by liam vickers

Produced by the same studios that brought us The Amazing Digital Circus, Murder Drones takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where the only living beings that remain are sentient robots called Worker Drones. The Worker Drones hide from the Disassembly Drones, who have been tasked to exterminate them.

One of the Worker Drones, Uzi Doorman, ends up befriending one of the Disassembly Drones, N. Together, they decide to find answers to why the world ended, and the role that the Drones and humans might have played in it.

Helluva Boss

Created by Vivienne Medrano

Another show from the creator of Amazon Prime’s Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss follows I.M.P., a team of imps from hell who carry out the last wishes of sinners (which usually involves murder) and the crazy shenanigans that they find themselves in. From an assassin job gone wrong to having to work with a former friend to navigating relationship drama, there’s no shortage of comedic and dramatic potential in this show.

Portia Coulter is a writer at Indiana University of Pennsylvania's HER Campus chapter. She covers topics in the entertainment industry, ranging from video games to animation. Portia is also an editor for Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s New Growth Art Review, having joined earlier this year. Some of her work has previously been published in the 2023 edition of the New Growth Art Review; they were also submitted to that year’s horror competition: a short story that won 2nd place and an art piece that won 3rd. Currently an English Literature/Culture major with a minor in Communications Media, Portia plans to graduate in May 2024 and pursue her dream of writing an original graphic novel series. In her free time, Portia likes to play video games (she has a crippling Genshin Impact addiction), watch cartoons, sing and dance, and is currently learning how to knit and crochet. She likes to create a plethora of different fan works for her favorite series, from art to short fiction. It also serves as a good way to hone her craft as an artist. An introvert at heart, Portia likes to hide in her room, curled up under a mountain of blankets, and watch the newest romance anime while she attempts to knit a scarf.