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Why You should Vote

This week is the midterm elections, and it is one of the most talked about events this year. This year, millennials could outnumber the baby boomers in voting. That being said, many young people won’t vote or even register to do so. Some have valid excuses, such as having to work and school; however, some people have weak excuses as to why they don’t. One of the biggest reasons people will not vote is because they are not registered to vote. They make it sound like it will take them a long time or they don’t know where to go. These are myths because it only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the paperwork due to the fact that they only inquire about your basic information that you should already know. Additionally, people can now register online which makes it more convenient for you to vote since young people are used to technology. There are a couple of reasons why you should vote.

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The first and most important reason is that it is your civic duty as a citizen to vote. Every election is important because it will affect your daily life, from driving on roads to public education. American soldiers are dying for our right to vote, yet so many people forget that right and choose not to utilize it. If it is because you don’t know anything about the candidates, then you can easily research them online. Most people are always looking at their phones anyway–take a few minutes to look up the candidates! Many of the people voting are baby boomers and that’s bad news for millennials. The reason it’s bad is because these laws that our representatives will make will affect us the most since we are the next taxpayers. We are rising and becoming the most prevalent generation; therefore, it is irrational to allow any other generation make decisions for our lives. These voters could allow lawmakers to decide on hot button issues like immigration, abortion, and the environment by electing them in. We are the future of this country and we must take part in deciding what will happen to this country by participating in elections–no matter how tedious or boring politics can be!

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I am a junior at IUP who hopes to one day major either in Public Relations or Political Science with an obsession with music.
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