Why You Should be a Body Confident Beach Babe

  1. They don’t know you!


Anytime I go to the beach I always feel gross about myself. I don’t want to take off my clothes or anything. But then I realize that nobody knows you there! Even if they did, they’re not going to remember the stretch marks on your arm or how skinny your leg is.


     2. Overcrowded


Most beaches are packed, especially during midday so everybody is worried about finding a spot, getting their stuff stolen, or even where their kids are. It might seem like somebody is staring at you but in reality, they’re just searching for Jimmy!

                                                                             Photo credits: medium.com


     3. Far from home


Sometimes a break for home is needed. With dealing with all of the stressors in life, escaping is the best. Even if there is somebody judging you, they’re just doing it to make themselves feel better so just relax. You’re there to enjoy vacay and relax not to impress anybody.

                                                                            Photo​ credits: epicstockmedia.com


     4. Positive thinkers


If someone is staring at you it may be because they want confidence like you or because they like your swimsuit. I know I love seeing bigger girls or even really skinny girls being confident. Sometimes I catch myself staring a somebody because I like their swimsuit or their tattoo.

                                                                            Photo credits: cycleforyourlife.com


Overall no matter what anybody thinks, you can always feel good about yourself. Remember you are beautiful and loved. Nobody is judging you because nobody wants to be judged and if they are, they’re just doing it to make themselves feel better.