Why Less Can Be More

It's a chilly November day and the house is filled with the smell of a turkey in the oven.

Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie are waiting to be placed on the table. The television is playing the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade but no one is watching. My mom, grandma and I are all in the kitchen getting ready for the big meal while my dad sets the table.

This year, it is just us. The rest of our family cannot join us this year due to the pandemic, a precaution taken for my 86 year old grandma who lives with us. But none of us are thinking of that.

We are focused on the meal in which we will sit down together and enjoy what we've made. It's not about what or who isn't there, it's what's right in front of us. We will appreciate being together this year, a blessing some will not have. That is why less can be more.