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Why I Am A Nursing Major

Coming from a loving and supportive family, I never had to worry about being alone if I were to run into trouble. I have always been fortunate to have that reassurance; however, not everyone is as lucky. As a nurse, it’s important to see that everyone needs that safety net to fall back on. I want to be that safety net for patients. For the patients who are alone and scared, I want to give them the reassurance and compassion that I have always known. I would love to at one point in my career be a labor and delivery nurse and advocate for the voice of birthing mothers. To be their support system at one of the hardest, but happiest, moments of their lives would be a blessing. A woman will always remember the nurses that helped them throughout labor, and I want to make their experience as relaxed and joyful as possible.  

Madison is a nursing major looking to spread kindness and understanding!
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