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What Was Supposed To Be My Best College Year Yet

This year was supposed to be the best year yet for me as a college student. My junior year, this year, I had so many plans. My boyfriend, best friend, and I had a room picked out together, I had two on-campus jobs, I was starting to get into my big girl classes, and I thought we were just going to have a blast on campus. Little did I know the pandemic put its big sad hand straight across the face of those plans. Not only were we not allowed to go to classes in person, but I was also scared to live on campus so I moved off, but I am also more depressed than before, and I was separated from my best friend and love.

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My friends that are freshmen this year wrote and told me about their experiences this year. They never got the opportunities to go to the dining hall properly, to meet new people, to meet professors, and to just experience college as they should. I am hoping next year it is different though. We will be back in person and I have an apartment in Indiana again. I am super excited for our group too because we can do events again in person like our super fun paint n sip. I want to make sure our new members get a chance to experience our group the way I did and enjoy it. Right now, writing is fun but the things we did on campus were way better!

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This year was a bummer to be an understatement but next year is my year. This fall coming, I will be a senior! I can’t believe this time has come and it's bittersweet. I will miss IUP so much but I am so excited to start my quest to become a doctor. My best friend is moving into the same apartment as me, my boyfriend is graduated but will come to visit, and my favorite on-campus job hired me back. I am most excited though for our meetings and getting to know the members on a more personal level.

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Alicia is an aspiring doctor. She intends to graduate from IUP in 2022 and attend Medical School directly after to become a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics. She enjoys watching movies, hanging with friends, and community service. She is a dog lover and has a pug names Porky that makes her smile on her worst days. Family is everything to her as you probably have read.
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