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What Do You Define as Sexy?

This week HerCampus wanted to know what made a person sexy to the opposite sex. We had a group of six people, three girls and three guys, come in and give their opinion. The question we asked was: What makes a person of the opposite sex attractive to you?

Seneca Smith (Senior, IUP)

“I find a man to be sexy when he is tall, husky, has a cute face, and nice smile. He must have a nice smile and very good dental hygiene. I love a guy with straight white teeth. Bad teeth are a major turn off.”

Darren Jackson (Sophomore, IUP)

“I think the sexiest thing on a woman are her eyes. The eyes usually give away a woman’s heart.”

*John Smith

“The sexiest thing about a woman is her smile. If she has a nice smile she probably has a nice personality, and is confident, and that’s very sexy.

*Jane Doe

“A man can only be sexy if he has big strong arms and muscular body because a woman likes to feel protected. He also must be very handsome and funny.”

* Eve Jones

“The sexiest thing about the opposite sex is the way they dress. I love a well dressed man. A poorly dressed man reflects a low self esteem in my opinion.”

*Adam Davis

“I think a sexy woman is a woman who has a warming personality and a welcoming appearance, meaning she has a nice smile, is outgoing, and friendly. I love a woman who is secure in herself and approachable.”

 After asking around, what I found to be strange was that all of the girls had appearance centered answers, while the guys had more personality centered answers. The irony is that women tend to spend more time on their appearance to attract men, when men are more interested in what’s in a woman’s heart and mind.

*Names withheld by request
Photo courtesy of: Mickeyashmoreinstanbul.blogspot.com

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