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Two Websites That Can Jump Start Your College Food Experience

In the middle of the semester the dining hall can get old, and takeout gets expensive. Sometimes your creativity is needed to satisfy your taste buds! Here are a few ways to jump start this creativity!


Spoon University

Spoon University’s website and Facebook page is here to help.  Open your computer (or phone) and get out some cooking ingredients to get started. Articles range from funny quizzes to recipes for dinner, dessert, or just a night in. You can even make some in a mug, which can be great if you live in a dorm. 


Buzzfeed Food

Never have a boring snack or dull breakfast again. Buzzfeed Food is another site/Facebook page that also has recipes and videos to stop your growling stomach. One article tells you 10 ways to make your leftovers better.


There is also an article that lists 28 recipes for pizza lovers… YAS, because pizza will always be the best late night snack choice! 


So next time you are stuck in a rut and don’t know what to eat, try these great websites to give you some ideas!

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