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Tips for a Safe St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

It’s almost that time again. There are many things to keep in mind during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

1. Do not go out alone: Since there will be hundreds and hundreds of people on the streets of Indiana, collegiettes should be aware to stay with a friend or a group. It will be a lot safer for you at night and you will be taken care of. There will be many new people and you could have a bad weekend if you end up in the wrong place.

2. Hydrate: This particular weekend usually consists of high amounts of binge drinking, so make sure to hydrate to maintain yourself. It will make it a lot easier to walk all over the area plus you will have less chance of becoming ill.

3. Dress for the Weather: It might seem like a good idea to wear a tank top, a tutu, and leggings, but you will become  cold. Many student organizations are selling long-sleeve t-shirts, crew-neck t-shirts, and other merchandise so it would be wise to get something warm in case the weather changes. The merchandise is very fun and has a ton of cute sayings.

4. Charge Your Phone: Communication will be key during that weekend so make sure to leave your residence with your phone charged up. You will want to be able to call or text friends in case you need them plus it is an excellent way to commemorate the memories. No one will want to have to worry about your whereabouts ifyour phone is fully charged.

5. Try to Plan Your Night Out: Wandering the streets of Indiana looking for parties is never a good idea, but it is even worse that weekend.This weekend is so much better and more fun when you have a game plan of what you will want to do.

6. Bring Cash: Wherever you will be going this weekend, you will want to have some cash on you in case of meters, covers, drinks, or even tipping your wait staff. Debit cards and credit cards could get lost and no one wants to search the area looking for lost cards.

7. Take Pictures: These memories will last a lifetime so you will want to take pictures during it. These are excellent to decorate with, show friends from other schools, and are lifelong keepsakes to share for years to come.

8. Don’t Hoard Items: Only bring what you will need this weekend and nothing more. I suggest a crossbody bag with your id, lip balm, a water bottle, cash,and your phone. Certain establishments will not want you taking huge bags or tons of stuff around plus there is a big chance of you losing items.

9. Have a Fun Time: This weekend is meant to be fun so make sure to make the moments count. If you have not left your apartment or dorm room to go have some fun, it’s a good weekend to spend outside. There will be plenty to do with the tons of activities going on.

Hi everyone! My name is Bonnie and I am a junior fashion merchandising major at IUP. My hobbies include watching scandal and gossip girl,eating popcorn, spending time in coffee shops,and going shopping at TJ Maxx.I love to write and talk about interesting topics.
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