Thoughts My Dog Had While Watching the Puppy Bowl

On Sunday, when I turned on the Puppy Bowl, my dog Tess sat on the couch next to me and stared at the TV. Here's what I think may have been going through her mind at that time.

  1. 1. "I don't really know what 'rescue' means, but Chey tells me that I was one too."

    Tess was adopted from "Cross Your Paws Rescue" in 2019. Rescuing a dog was the greatest thing my family has ever done, and she's been my best friend ever since.

  2. 2. "Woah, some of them look like me..."

    The Puppy Bowl features many mixed breeds. We still aren't 100% sure what breeds came together to make Tess, so it makes sense that some of the pups share her features.

  3. 3. "...and Chunky Monkey looks like my sister, Poppy."

    A dog named Chunky Monkey that played during the bowl was part chow chow. Our other dog, Poppy, is a chow.

  4. 4. "There's so many toys!"

    Tess could have that many toys if she didn't consistantly destroy hers.

  5. 5. "That water looks delicious..."

    Tess has an obsession with drinking water. This is probably why it took her a year and a half to stop going potty in the house.

  6. 6. "...the placement of the bowls seems kinda dangerous though."

    Tess knows firsthand how much it hurts to accidentally step in a hole (though, in her case, she's the one who digs them).

  7. 7. "I like watching TV with Chey."

    I like watching with you too, little buddy!