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  1. Grey’s Anatomy 

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that follows the lives, both professional and personal, of doctors at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. This is my absolute favorite show on Netflix, I watched all 16 seasons on Netflix in a matter of two weeks. Season 17 came out on Netflix a few months ago, and the 18th season is on TV right now! It is binge-worthy, trust me!

  1. Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a newer show that came out on Netflix over quarantine when COVID started. It is about a group of friends who gather to try and find legendary treasure linked to the main character’s father. The show has two seasons, but the way the second one ends, there has to be another, I am sure of it. 10/10 recommendations!

  1. All American

All American is about a teenager who grew up in a small poor town, who was extremely talented at playing football. A former NFL star comes to recruit him to play in Beverly Hills (a wealthier town), and he realizes a lot of differences and significant changes in his life. He ultimately makes it to the All American game; hence the name, which is a huge deal in football. There are currently three seasons, but the way the third season ends there has to be another season! I know not one thing about football and yet I loved this show!

  1. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is about a group of girls who are very close, until one night one of their friends goes missing. Everyone thought she was dead because they found a body, however, they had a spy “A” who was harassing and watching their every move. The friend that went missing in the beginning was found, and never died, just disappeared. There are 8 seasons of this show on Netflix, but there are no longer any others. This is a great show if you enjoy thrill and suspense!

  1. The Fosters

The Fosters is a show about two married women who have one biological child from one of the mother’s previous marriages. The two mothers adopt a total of four other children/teenagers and the show shows how they progress through life and the decisions that they run into, as well as obstacles. This show has 7 or 8 seasons and truly is great. 10/10 recommendations!

Hi my name is Emily! I am a sophomore at IUP this year studying early childhood and special education. I love coffee, Target runs, and watching Grey's Anatomy!
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