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You’ve probably heard of synesthesia before but never knew there was a fancy word for it. Synesthesia is when you experience one of the five senses through another sense. So maybe you see shapes when listening to music or you see a color when you hear a certain word. I’ve always done this with the months of the year. In my head each month transitions to the next in almost a color gradient (even if the colors aren’t so pretty together). Here are what colors I associate with each month!


Living in Pennsylvania, the new year always starts out cold and snowy. In my mind, January is a light, sky blue that makes me feel chilly but cozy.


February always feels like such a long month! Its color though is a light pink, probably because of Valentine’s Day. It’s also the shift between winter and spring, so while it’s still icy outside we get a glimpse of warmth here and there. I like to think of it as having rosy cheeks.


March is a bright spring green, like a green clover hidden in the grass. Similar to last month, I’m probably associating this month with Saint Patrick’s day for the color. But, March is also one step closer to true Spring and we get to see much more greenery than we had in a month. Although this is my least favorite month, it does offer a mood booster with the warmer weather!


April is such a pretty month! Like the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers”- this month makes me think of warm days and dark skies with a little bit of rain and the smell of the earth. In my opinion, it’s one of the best smells ever. Because of this, I associate April with a rainy blue, a little dark, and a little light in color.


This month is honestly hard to pinpoint with one color- there’s just so much going on in this month. We have blue skies, flowers blooming, and green grass. Although for different reasons, I have to say that like January, May is a light blue color. In this month, it feels like the sky is bigger than before and closer than ever like it came out of hibernation and wants to give us a hug.


I genuinely cannot pinpoint June’s color! There’s just so much to choose from and so many different things come to mind. It’s warm, but not unbearably hot just yet, some days it’s even cold enough to wear a sweatshirt! It’s a wish-washy month between spring and summer. I’ll leave this one up to interpretation but hopefully, my image will come across as how I feel about this month.


July is very much a primary blue color, no doubting it. This is the true start of summertime feelings for me- it’s hot, everything is happening outside, and the sun just feels different but it’s perfect. The Fourth of July sets the month up to be full of fun, parties, and fireworks- it also reinforces that primary blue color. As a kid, July felt like freedom because there was not a single day in the month that we had to go to school! I can picture myself as a kid in the car with my family, windows down, and the radio playing “Summertime” by Kenny Chesney.


August is like the Sahara Desert- yellow, hot, dry, and sandy. It’s a little bit of yellow and orange to me. THE hottest month of the year for sure- it also wraps up the summertime feelings. August feels like a long stretch trying to connect the first half of the year to the end. It makes me think of getting ice cream one last time before the stand closes for the season.


My first thought when I hear September is gray. Honestly, not really sure why. If I think about it more I can get into brown or even purple. I don’t really have an explanation for this month. It’s sort of a stumbling transition between summer and fall.


I feel as though everyone can agree, October is orange. The leaves are falling, pumpkins are carved, and Halloween is a whole month celebration. There are so many bright colors around and the weather is perfect!


November is very much a brown month. We have all the leaves falling and Thanksgiving coming. The brown comes from the leaves, the grass, the foods we are eating, and the general feeling of the month. Activities are officially moving indoors, the weather is colder, and the days are darker.


Finally, December wraps up the year as a dark, dark blueish-black color. I know it’s the holiday season with all the greens and blues, but the whole month to me is like the finale of the year. It’s like the year is closing its eyes and slowly getting darker until they shut and open for the next year. Super weird, I know. This isn’t meant to feel sad or ominous but rather like hibernation for us, a cozy and lazy month, to get us ready for the new year.

Madison is a nursing major with a drive to make a positive impact on others. As head CC, Madison collaborates with her co-CC to make the IUP chapter fun, welcoming, and creative! Her Campus has opened the door for opportunity and friendship for Madison that she hopes to share with others.