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Sustainable Habits You Can Do This Earth Day (And Every Day)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

The Earth is the only place that we get to spend our entire lives on. It is our permanent home, and it is important that we do everything that we can to help preserve it and make it a suitable place for us to keep living in. Living a more sustainable life is a lot easier than it seems to be and starting with a few simple habits can help reduce waste and have an impact on the environment.

Using reusable cups

Using reusable cups or water bottles is an easy way to start a new sustainable habit. I personally love having a cute cup or water bottle, and actively using them reduces the need for single use plastic cups. This reduces the amount of waste being produced and it always makes having a drink so much more fun by having it in a cute cup!

Only buying things when you need them

Constantly buying new clothes or trendy items not only puts a damper on your wallet, but on the environment too. Overconsuming is a big part of our culture, and constantly buying the latest products and items are going to get untrendy after a few months. These items usually end up in landfills and it tends to add up very quickly, and the cycle continues over and over again. Sticking with minimal products and only buying things whenever you need them is such a good habit to have and it will not only save you money and space, but it will also have a positive effect on the environment.

Buying items second hand is a great alternative if you’re looking to buy new clothes or items for your home! A lot of these items are gently used and in very good condition that is practically brand new.  You can find lots of good items at goodwill and other thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, or even exchanging items with your friends!


Sorting through things that you are going to throw away and recycling them is an easy sustainable habit you can start. Having different bins or different bags for plastic, cardboard and paper and taking them to the local recycling center is a great beginner sustainable habit. That way, we can reuse and recycle what we can for as long as we can. You can check and see if something is recyclable by looking at the package and it will indicate if it can be recycled or not.

These simple habits are not only able to be done on Earth Day but everyday! By beginning these habits, you are able to make a difference and help our planet for the better.

Michaela is a writer on the Her Campus team at IUP and is also on the social media team creating posts on the Instagram. At IUP, Michaela is majoring in Nursing, with the goal of becoming a travel nurse after she graduates. She is a sophomore and is expected to graduate in 2026. She is also a member of Theta Phi Alpha, a social sorority at IUP. In her free time, Michaela enjoys reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors. She also enjoys going to the gym and walking her dog. She loves to listen to rock and pop punk music and enjoys attending concerts.