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Spring Cleaning: 5 Things You NEED To Clean

I LOVE spring. The weather is warming up and it’s time to start getting ready for bonfires and cookouts. That also means it’s time for some spring cleaning! So grab your Clorox wipes, slip into some comfy clothes, and blast your favorite playlist throughout your entire house because we’ve got some work to do.


Your Closet
Melanie Haid

Your closet should be the first item on your list of things that need a good cleaning. Donating unwanted clothing items has become a tradition for me once the weather starts to warm up. Clearing out some space in your closet or drawers can make room for new spring and summer pieces.  I usually pack away my winter clothes into containers, switching them out for shorts, tank tops, and dresses.

Your Rugs and Carpets

You may not think your carpets and rugs are dirty, but believe me, they really are.  Making it a routine every spring to clean your carpets and rugs will keep them in great condition.  You can rent a carpet cleaner or take your rugs to a cleaner. Especially if you have pets, this will keep your carpets and rugs looking good as new.  

Your Desk

There is almost nothing better than having a clean and organized work space (in my opinion).  I love to reorganize, redecorate, and clean my desk top to bottom.  You never realize how dirty your work space really is until you take the time to completely refresh it.

Your Music Library

Taking the time to go through your music library and finding all new music can really set the mood for your spring and upcoming summer. I find it so enjoyable to refresh my playlists and make new ones for the warm weather and spending time with friends. Out with the old and in with the new!

Your Car

After a long winter in Pennsylvania, I’m sure your car needs a good cleaning – inside and out.  Grab some disinfecting wipes, a hose, and some soap, and get to work! Your car will be spotless and ready for road trips and late-night drives with your best friends this summer.

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