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I don’t necessarily read books based on spicy levels, nor do I search out the spicy books; they just come to me and then leave me speechless because I was unprepared.

The initiation

This book was insane in the ways of spicy and shocking. I don’t think that this book is as popular as the last two that I had mentioned but the spicy scene in this is just unbelievable. The beginning of the book is so good and you can feel the connection between the characters. The book is about a wealthy family’s son marrying a girl and when they get the approval of being married, they have to go to this conference room. In this conference room it holds nine men from the company and the future newly weds. Conversation is being done and then BAM they have to do the deed in front of everyone and it was so shocking to me and the author writes the scene very well.

Kill switch

This is part of a series of extremely spicy books, but this one stood out to me because the spice in this book builds off connection of the characters and stands out as being outright spicy. The main characters of this book are Damon and Winter, and let me tell you Damon is one scary soul. Damon has a dark past and he really takes it out in mysterious ways, if you know what I mean. The whole book is spice and its really just the way that the characters connect and how they bond with each other that really makes the spice spicy. I love this book, and the others in the series are also good but this was my favorite of the four.

Den of vipers

The first thing that I’m going to say is look up the trigger warnings before you read this book. I looked up the warnings and I also looked at the reviews for this book before I even dove into reading. There are scenes in this book that I will never forget. Like this one scene involves a knife and that’s all I’m going to say. I didn’t finish this book because I honestly was scared to. I did buy the physical copy so if I’m feeling dangerous I will dive back into it. The Den of Vipers is by K.A. Knight.

Brittney is a Disability Service Major with a minor in Business Management. Some of Brittney's favorite things to do is read books, listen to Doja Cat and shop till she drops. She loves her cat more than anything and she hopes to one day own her own business and live on the beach!!!