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Shawn Mendes And His Comeback Era

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If you have kept up with Shawn Mendes as much as I have since 2015, aka elementary school me having a fat crush on him, you would know that he has been making surprise appearances on other artists’ tours and announcing new music! Okay let’s be real I would still marry that man in an instant. Anyways, if you have been a big fan of his, this is really big news considering he had to cancel his world tour back in 2022 to focus on his mental health and well being. 

Back in June of 2023, fans saw Shawn make a surprise appearance on Ed Sheeran’s Multiplication Tour in Toronto. After this performance, fans didn’t hear or see too much of him for a bit. That is until January, where Shawn made a public post on his instagram highlighting all of the growth he has personally made within the past year since canceling his tour. 

Fast forward to March, Shawn made a huge post on his instagram talking about how he was going to be headlining Rock In Rio in September! In his instagram post he also claimed that he was in the midst of creating a new album that he can’t wait for fans to hear! I can barely even comprehend that he is finally back to making music, as I have been a fan of his since the beginning. I am genuinely so excited for this new music and his new era, I really hope he goes on tour again!

Just a few weeks ago he appeared on stage with Niall Horan during The Show: Live On Tour night 8 in London. Together they performed a duet rendition of “Treat You Better” a hit single of Shawn’s.

More recently on April 6th,  we saw him join Noah Kahan on stage in Toronto to sing a duet of Noah’s hit song “Stick Season.” Being a fan girl is so much fun because I was beyond excited when I opened Instagram both nights to see posts about these appearances!

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