Saying Goodbye to Her Campus

It is hard for me to believe it, but this is my final article for Her Campus.

I have not been with the team my whole college career, but the time I have been with it has been full of so many wonderful memories. I made friends for life that are now more like sister than anything.

I have always appreciated writing and the many opportunities that it can bring. It never mattered what type of writing it was, I was always happy to do it. That’s why I joined the newspaper at IUP.

Still, I really wanted to express myself in a more creative sense. When I learned about Her Campus, I was sold. I could not make all the meetings, but I already loved the girls in the group. All of them had been so kind and open.

Like I said, I made many memories. I remember bonding events where we would get ice cream or see the therapy dogs. I remember the laughter in the conversations that came up while we relaxed and talked together.

I remember all the photoshoots we had thanks to our former president, Kate. She did professional photos for us, then did a fall photoshoot with us wearing our new Her Campus shirts. Ut was spectacular.

I will never forget the events we did, either. Especially the time Alicia almost killed a few of us while driving (none of us got hurt). These are the many memories we can look back at and laugh at.

I’m heartbroken to leave it all behind, but I am excited for the future. I know I will keep in contact with my girls for as long as I can. They all mean so much to me.

When I was stressed and down on my luck, they were there for me. They sent me a cute card, a candle and a succulent. It was one of the sweetest things to happen to me. I appreciate them so much. I find myself tearing up thinking about them.

Though we have all been apart this semester due to the pandemic, we are all still together through bonding and friendship. I thank all of them for being there.

So, as I come to say goodbye to Her Campus, I wish all of them and all of you the best luck possible.

Thank you for an amazing few years.