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From performing on Broadway as Regina George in 2019-2020, Renee Rapp has managed to make quite the name for herself. After landing the role of Regina George in the Broadway musical Mean Girls, Renee continued her career by starring in HBO Max’s original “The Sex Lives Of College Girls” where she started to increase her fan base after viewers fell in love with her character Leighton Murray. Only a year after starring in this show, she came out with her EP titled “Everything to Everyone”  and later came out with her first album “Snow Angel” in August of 2023. At this point in her career, Renee had a huge following and fan base across her social media accounts. 

Fast-forward to January of 2024, and Renee has landed the role of Regina George in the new take on the Mean Girls movie. This movie is a movie musical, and combines both the aspects of the Broadway show and the original movie. This movie doesn’t come out until January 12th, but with early showings it has gotten a lot of positive responses!

As a huge Renee Rapp fan myself, I am so excited to see this movie as I have been a fan of her and the Broadway musical for a few years now! It is so fun to be a part of a fan base when the person is small and not very known, and to get to watch them grow their fan base and popularity. 

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