Recap of "Jordyn Woods Shares The Truth" Interview

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've most likely heard of the Jordyn Woods drama involving a cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy. This news has rocked the media, and on Friday, March 1, Jordyn did a tell-all interview on the "Red Table Talk" with Jada Pinkett Smith and it was... interesting. Here is my recap of the interview. 

The interview starts out with Will Smith on Facetime telling Jordyn to "take her medicine and tell her truth." It really sets the tone and lightens the mood for the tea that is about to be spilled. Jordyn goes on to explain the series of events that lead to her and her friends going back to Tristan's house. RED FLAG. Why is this man out partying and bringing girls back to his house when the mother of his child and his daughter are at home? Despite any cheating that takes place, Khloe should be fed up with this behavior. 

Jordyn continues with the story and goes on to explain that there was a "suggested lap dance." She explains that she was sitting on the arm of the chair and Tristan was seating in the chair and her legs were dangling over top of his... I know, I'm confused too. Don't you hate when you're sitting on the arm of a chair that someone is sitting in and you're legs dangle over top of theirs and everyone thinks you're giving them a lap dance? She claims it was innocent and not sexual. I'm unsure about this one. She claims at no time did she or Tristan leave the public area and go somewhere private. 

Jordyn continues to lead up to the end of the night when she realizes that it is now morning and her driver has been waiting outside of Tristan's house (poor man). She explains that she decides to leave and Tristan asks her to stay over. She refuses, and on her way out he kisses her. "No passion, no tonuge-kiss, no making out, nothing," she explains. She left his house and tried to forget what happened. 

Jordyn admits to not being honest about what happened when she spoke with Khloe. Jada cuts right to the chase and asks Jordyn if she slept with Tristan. "Never," Jordyn said. 

Jordyn goes on to explain the aftermath of the news breaking and the issues it has caused her and her family. But honestly, what do you expect when in the public eye and being friends with one of the most famous and well-known family. 

The information that came from this interview was surprisingly uneventful, which has people torn as to whether or not Jordyn was honest. 

Despite the reality, this much we know is true, Tristan is a cheater and most likely will never change. 

Khloe deserves so much better than this and hopefully she will realize that soon. 

Until then, we can enjoy the drama and be thankful our lives aren't this interesting.