Reason's to Adopt, Not Shop, this Holiday Season



The holidays are just around the corner and with it, lots of families looking to add a furry addition to the family adoption might just be the best option for you. I’m not one to usually advocate for getting a pet for the holidays but I am an advocate for adoption. There are a lot of great reasons to adopt a furry companion and here are a few. 


  1. You’re giving a pet a home. For a lot of animals in the shelter, they stay in their loud kennels almost all day, getting to go outside for only a few minutes at a time. 

  2. It’s less expensive. For most dogs, the adoption fee is around $165-$250. Whereas, most pedigreed dogs can go anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. Not saying that this should be a reason to adopt a dog, but it is a valid one. 

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

  1. When you adopt a dog, versus buying a dog, you aren’t contributing to the ongoing abusive system of the puppy mill industry and irresponsible breeders. 

  2. You’re giving yourself and your children a best friend. A lot of people buy puppies with the notion that their children can “grow up” with the pet. While this may be true, a child can grow with an adult dog too. In fact, an adult dog might be a better fit for a family with children because they are usually calmer and more well mannered than a puppy. Also, if you submit an application with a shelter and request a dog that's housebroken, you might not have to go through the whole house training phase. 

Photo by Manuel Meza on Unsplash

  1. You’re giving a pet a second chance at a better life. So many pets spend their lives either in terrible conditions or in gages. By giving a pet a home this holiday season, you’re giving them a shot at being loved again.

  2. Adopted pets are the most thankful pets. As someone who has two rescued animals, I can tell you from experience, they are the most thankful living creatures. Sometimes our adopted kitty looks up at us and you can just tell that he is so thankful to be a house kitty and not roaming the streets of New York City. 

Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

So, this holiday season, think about giving a pet a home. It won’t be a decision you regret.