Grilled Cheese

Rating Places I Have Worked with Cheese

I have worked at 5 places in my life and I have loved every single job I have had! So, I am going to rate these jobs by cheese. Now, I am a cheese person so I love all cheeses (besides bleu cheese) so none of these are bad to me (this whole thing is like a metaphor).


  1. 1. Health Services Van Driver

    Dino Reichmuth

    In this job, I drive the van for the health center on campus at IUP. This includes taking others to their appointments, the hospital, or anywhere health-related around Indiana.  First, we have gouda. GOUDA CHEESE IS SUPERIOR. Do. Not. @. Me. I love gouda with my whole heart. I would die for gouda, and so would my whole family. If you’ve never had it, it’s a must have. 10/10 Best job/cheese ever!

  2. 2. Riverside


    I work in the deli at my local riverside. I love this job solely because of the people I work with. This is definitely a pimento cheese. This cheese is so good but fills you fast and is a lot of work to consume. It is also super sweet which is why it's unique. I love pimento cheese though and I love how sweet everything about it is (Riverside also lol).

  3. 3. Subway


    Coming midway is Subway. Now, I don’t hate Subway but I worked there for 4 years. This was my first real job at 16 and I LOVED it. What made it good was my boss and coworkers, the ones that stayed at least. Subway is like swiss cheese: good but not all of the time, you grow old of it. It is also not everyone’s type of cheese. I worked as any position, opener, closer, mid-shift, and I would come in even when I wasn’t scheduled. I put a lot of hard work into Subway and I will always appreciate the time I had there. Much like my appreciation for swiss.

  4. 4. Office Worker

    Working business woman in dress at office

    Mozzarella. That’s all I have to say is MOZZARELLA. I love to eat the whole log but I know it’s a bad situation. I won’t be able to continue with my daily life if I do and it’ll suck. That’s the thing, this consumes you. You pick up a bunch of hours and help people all day and it's always take, take, take. I love mozzarella but it can be too much sometimes.

  5. 5. Nursing Home

    silvon sheet set

    Ok ok. This cheese is horseradish. I know what you are thinking. Horseradish cheese sounds disgusting but it is SO GOOD. It becomes spicy at unexpected times and that’s the best part. However, it has flaws, such as always not mixing well with other things I want. I ended my love with this cheese badly because I was a student and it didn’t care but I will always remember it and appreciate it.

I hope you understand these and know when I am referencing cheese and the job. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk! I hope you enjoyed this silly article this week especially since everything around us is always so serious.