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An Open Letter to the Person Who Forgot Me

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

To the person who does not want me anymore,

I am sorry to know I am not important to you now. I am sorry for whatever I did for you to leave me behind. I knew you my whole life, I loved you my whole life, but I see now where I stand. I am forgotten. I have spent many days and many nights wondering why when I have never tried to upset you or make you mad. I have cried many of those days and nights as I wondered what life would be like if you didn’t leave.

I am angry at myself for not seeing the signs earlier. I never expected this to happen. I thought you would always be there. Was it dumb of me to believe differently? I want to be angry with you too, but I really can’t be. I can’t be mad until I know why you left. I need an answer, but something tells me I will never get it. 

You were fighting with other people in our lives but cut me out along with them. Did you think it would not bother me? Did you really think that I would be okay with it? I never even took sides. I tried to ignore the issues and tried to just continue my own life. I never thought that would have made things worse, but I guess it did. 

It hurts a lot, you know. I am dealing with a lot of stress as it is. School is a really hard time for me, and the weather makes my depression and anxiety worse. This only added to those problems. I can’t blame you though, maybe you didn’t know. Then again, how would you not know? Still, you have your own life to live.

Even though I am upset, confused and hurt, I want to thank you. Thank you for the good memories you had once been able to be a part of. Thank you for the time you did care about me. Even if you do not care anymore, it still meant a lot to know you so well once. Thank you for helping me find more courage and strength within myself. You leaving my life has taught me some valuable lessons, including the lesson that people change and they do not always stick around. I never thought it’d be you to teach me this, but surprises happen.

I hope you have a happy life. I hope the people you want in it show you the love and compassion I still think you deserve. Everyone else might be mad at you, but I am not. I still love and care for you. You changed and I do not think you deserve any blame for that. 

Maybe there will be a day we talk again, but it probably will not be the same. Even if you do not notice, I am going to try and accomplish so much. There was once a time you would have been proud of me, but I shouldn’t make that my priority. I’m going to make myself proud now. 

So even though you chose not to be in my life anymore, I still wish you all of the good in the world. Thank you for leaving now and not dragging me along in confusion.

A double Major in Communications Media and Journalism, passion for radio and for art