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My biggest New Year Resolution is that I literally want my old self back… kinda in a sense. I have been dyeing my hair for about two and a half years now and I’m going through a phase were I want my original hair color back and I go through the process of the “ugly grow out” and then I hate it and myself and just end up dyeing it again when it makes me mad enough. But this article is some tips I’ve learned to help my fellow girlys grow out our colored hair together. New Year, New Hair Growth! Am I right ladies!

TIp One:

Investing in a good shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair will be your best friend. Now I know we are all in college and that’s why I either save up for a good shampoo and conditioner or I do a lot of research for cheap good options. But I did that research so you don’t have to!! The list below is from most expensive to least and is a combination of shampoo and conditioner prices:

  • K18 retails about $80.00 but is super good to help treat colored and damaged hair.
  • Olaplex is still pretty expensive and retails about $80.00 as well and is just as equally good for treating hair.
  • EvaNYC is a good cheaper option that retails for $40.00 and they make such good vegan and good smelling products for color treated hair.
  • Bondbar is an Olaplex dupe and will help save you money left and right for only $20.00 and does the same thing?! Isn’t that just crazy!

Choosing options that are a little pricer may help your hair in the long run. Even if you want to keep coloring your hair you should use something that isn’t going to dry your hair out of put a waxy film on it making it harder to color. If you are dyeing your hair you should also be showing it love every once in a while.

Tip Two:

Scalp massages are such an underrated thing. You can even do it for free. Using your hands to help blood circulation in your scalp can help hair growth and it only takes a couple minutes a day. You can also buy a scalp massager if you want to get fancy with it. Even incorporate oils such as tea tree, black castor oil, rosemary, mint, etc. Leave these oils in for a couple minutes before you shower or overnight and bam you got healthy regrowth.


The one tip you never thought was coming DRINK MORE WATER!! Drinking water is not only the best thing for hair health but also for general health. Drinking water helps with blood circulation as well and will help stimulate healthy hair growth.


Now this tip might sound a little counterintuitive cause why would you cut your hair if you are trying to grow it but it really does work. You don’t realize when you have split ends those split ends can cause your hair to break off more or even split up the shaft of the hair. Getting your hair cut every three months is the most recommended timeframe I know for maintenance trims.


Last and final tip. I wash my hair one to two times a week which is also the recommended amount of times per week to maintain a healthy scalp environment. You want those natural oils to have a moment on the scalp to do their thing as well as not washing it too much so you don’t dry out the scalp. And you want to wash your hair less in the colder weather due to it also drying out the scalp. Training your hair so you can wash it less can be a struggle but winter is the time to do it! Wearing a hat on a greasy hair day can be a lifesaver to getting one step closer to healthy hair.

In our hair era:

Now something I gotta keep reminding myself and that maybe will help you. Growing your hair out isn’t for the weak. It takes a long time and you will need patience. You will go through phases of hating it and wanting to color it but let’s keep pushing through and get our natural hair back. We got this babez! If I can do it so can you. <3

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