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Last semester, I wrote an article about what I wanted to do this summer. Now that summer is coming to a close I thought it would be fun to talk about what I did get to on the bucket list! There are some things I didn’t get to and some I didn’t get to yet, but I did manage to do a lot on and off the list and this summer was definitely one for the books!

The backseat lovers concert

While I didn’t make it to this concert, I did go to the Post Malone concert as a birthday present to my mom. It was my sister’s idea and we went as a family. Not only was it a really good concert, but my mom loved it!

Jackalope Festival

We did make it to this one! It was on Virginia Beach and we managed to get a beachfront hotel that was a few hundred feet from the event. We saw a lot of amazing people do amazing things on their skateboards. There were also amazing people bouldering, and base jumping. The festivities included the very talented Tony Hawk at his showdown with his friends, part of his crew included a 9-year-old girl Reese Nelson. There were many vendors selling awesome clothes, stickers, and everything else you could need as well as food trucks with delicious food (We tried almost everything there!) Overall the entire weekend was impressive and exciting. The best part is that we are already planning on going again next year!

Cavetown bittersweet daze

Wow, what an amazing experience. The lineup was Grant Perez, Ricky Montgomery, Mxmtoon, and then Cavetown. The music, lights, everything was fantastic. The crowd was the most polite crowd I had ever seen. Everyone was really singing not screaming and the audience participation was off the charts.

the waterparks concert

This concert was right after school ended and frankly, in moving home for the summer, finding a job, and getting plans set up for Jackalope, I forgot all about it. I did go to the 50 Cent concert at Blossom Music Center. It poured but the music was great and the crowd was fun, dancing the whole time even though we were all drenched.

meow wolf grapevine

We didn’t go to Meow Wolf over the summer, we rescheduled to go this fall. I am still very excited to see this exhibit and if you are ever in a city that has a Meow Wolf installation you should definitely check it out. A very talented friend of mine, Bryan, lived in Texas for months to bring this exhibit to life and I can’t wait to see all his hard work!

day trips

I was able to do most of the day trips I was hoping to do, like hiking, Lake Erie, and museums. I also was able to go to the Ohio Burlesque Festival which was a great show from all performers. Bella Sin put on another fantastic show and I’ll be back for her Sabor! A Latin Burlesque and Drag Revue on the 15th of August. 

Now it’s time to start planning that fall bucket list, The Front Bottoms are playing this month…

Grace Fette is a chapter leader at the HerCampus at IUP chapter. She loves to write lists, zodiac posts, and personal experiences. Grace is a Junior at IUP. She's an English Writing studies major with Women and Gender studies and Communications media minors. She is president of Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Xi Xi chapter and her work has been published a number of times. She loves to hang out with friends and her sister, hike, and read poetry. She is always up for coffee, cute breakfast places, and concerts of any kind!