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My Roommate and I have a List of Zodiac Signs We Allow in Our House, Here’s Why and How

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

It may seem like a strange or fickle way to decide who is allowed in our house, but let me start off by saying, it’s mostly just for fun. Of course we wouldn’t discriminate against someone based solely off of something they can’t control, like the month they were born in.

On the other hand, it’s a fun conversation topic for guests and we know that the people who are willing to debate with us and talk about it are people who’s vibe we like. We all know the guys (and sometimes girls) who get angry when they hear someone believes in the zodiacs. While I don’t let the stars make my every decision, I still enjoy Astrology, numerology, and crystals. As a bonus, like I said before, doing this also weeds out the people that get aggressive over stars. Definitely not the vibe.

One night we made ourselves dinner, put on Dance Moms, (I know it’s old now, but forever team Chloe!) and started talking about our week. My roommate had met a guy and they had exchanged snapchats. We were going through all the important information; name, how they met, Snapscore- it sounds pretty good so far, but then finally she says, “but he’s a Pisces”. The worst words you can say in our house. Not only us, but multiple people we know have been burned by a Pisces man. Off the top of my head I can think of six different examples. We jokingly talked about how we would not let another Pisces into our apartment, and that’s when the idea hit us. 

We have multiple whiteboards in our house and sometimes their functions change. We have a calendar whiteboard in our kitchen, we have a tally board for when we play games and need to keep track of points. In our living room we have a quotes board, where anytime one of us says or hears something that makes us crack up we write it down. We have one that we use for pro and con lists, as well as when we plan events, like Halloween or friendsgiving. Now, we have our astrology board.

To start we made three columns; yes, iffy, and no. Obviously we put ourselves in the yes column, and one of our good friends. Then we went through each sign and thought about who we knew and what experiences we had with them. Some we agreed on immediately, like Gemini’s were a hard no. Some, however, took a little bit more thought. If someone’s bad experience outweighed the other’s good experience then it went into that column and vice versa. For example, I had a therapy inducing run in with a Libra, but my roommate’s sister is a libra, so we compromised and put libra in the iffy column. We also decided that our list was flexible. If we have enough good experiences with a sign not in the yes column we would consider moving the sign.

This was a super fun activity to do with each other. We have been roommates for awhile now, but we were able to learn about each other and our experiences more through making this whiteboard. It led to some debating, but by the end of the night we had agreed on everything. We are always looking for things to do together and now we have one more decoration in our living room as well as a conversation starter for when we have people over. If you and your roommates are astrology girlies I highly recommend popping some popcorn and doing this!

Grace Fette is a chapter leader at the HerCampus at IUP chapter. She loves to write lists, zodiac posts, and personal experiences. Grace is a Junior at IUP. She's an English Writing studies major with Women and Gender studies and Communications media minors. She is president of Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Xi Xi chapter and her work has been published a number of times. She loves to hang out with friends and her sister, hike, and read poetry. She is always up for coffee, cute breakfast places, and concerts of any kind!