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Remember senior year of high school and our high school teachers would give us advise on our first year of college? Well I didn’t listen to those people and they did give some good advise. I was always annoyed when people would tell me things about college, like what and what not to do. But I wish I had listened to them this whole time. So I’m going to list my top five advise that I had come up for incoming freshman.

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Invest in a mattress topper

I know that this sounds stupid and may not be the best advise that one can give, but this is serious. I started out on the $10 mattress topper from Walmart and let me tell you I had some of the worst sleeps of my life on that topper. So when I was a junior and I was allowed to return back to school I got one of those fancy $100 toppers. I Know not everyone has that type of money, but I would spend anything to get a good sleep at night. So I spent the money and BAM I sleep like the most comfortable baby on the planet.

Its okay to go home on the weekends

Go home if you want to. Personally I go home every weekend to not only work at my job but for my mental health. The party college scene is not for everybody and I can’t stress this enough THAT IS FINE. Just because everyone else is doing it dose not mean that you have to do it. I go home so that I can visit my family and friends and hang out with them and catch up from the week. Also my cat lives at my moms house!

join a club

I know you have heard this before but seriously, join a club. I thought that this was the worst advise ever, but it’s not and I wish I had taken this advise my freshman year of college. Joining Her Campus brought me new friends, new hobby and activities to do on the weekdays.

Get some good sneakers

If there’s one thing that you will be doing on campus, that is walking and a good bit of walking. Sneakers are the way to go honestly because everything else give you blisters, or at least for me anyway. Getting a good pair of shoes will be life changing I promise.

High school friends come and go

This is something that I’ve learned to grow with. Everyone has different plans after high school and whether it’s going to college or staying home and working. People grow apart after high school, it’s completely normal. People also have different outlooks on life than others do, it just happens.

Brittney is a Disability Service Major with a minor in Business Management. Some of Brittney's favorite things to do is read books, listen to Doja Cat and shop till she drops. She loves her cat more than anything and she hopes to one day own her own business and live on the beach!!!