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As the world’s #1 summer hater, the fall season brings me joy unlike any other. I love this time of year so much; it never fails me. Pretty leaves falling from the trees, sweaters, boots, hot chocolate; you name I love it! In my first semester of college, I created a sort of ritual I’ve followed every year since. While some of the things on this list are kind of out there, I truly believe it makes this the most wonderful time of the year.

GEtting a new piercing

My first semester of college, I got my tongue pierced by my friend in her dorm room. I know, crazy! Contrary to popular assumption, my tongue did not rot, fall off, or get infected. I still have it to this day, and I love it. My mother had one when I was a child, and it inspired me to get in done as an ‘adult’. So, if you want to blame anyone for my decision, blame her! My second year, I got my septum pierced by a professional. My mother hates this piercing, too. When I facetimed her to show her my septum, she exclaimed, ‘you’re a bull’! Now, I don’t know what I’ll be getting this year, but I know it’s going to upset my mother. Sorry!

Switching out my summer clothes to fall clothes

I have a crap ton of clothes for both seasons, so switching them out is quite a hassle, especially with living on campus, I take both summer and fall clothes with me to campus, but I have a lot more summer clothes (foolish, I know). I, luckily have an amazing mother, with an amazing car! I’ll go home for a weekend with trash bags full of summer clothes, then return to campus with trash bags full of winter clothes and shoes!

Going Thrifting

I love thrifting like a fat kid loves cake (I should know, I was a fat kid)! It is so fun to go through the sweater section and find the cutest pieces ever. Even if I don’t buy anything the on days I go, it is a rite of passage to browse the aisles. IUP has a Goodwill within walking distance to the campus, and you can’t keep me out of there! There is a Salvation Army close to campus, too. But you’ll need a car, or a friend with a car, ;) to get you there. I recently found a Halloween themed sweater vest there, and it really embodies the English teacher with spunk vibe I’m going for.

Dying my hair a new color

My first fall semester, my hair was a bright, hot pink color! I loved it so much, I just felt so cool with my hair that color. The second fall semester was dark purple. This year, in late August I dyed it was supposed to be a lavender,. Unfortunately it came out the same dark purple as the year before. Imagine my heartbreak when I looked in the mirror and didn’t see a light purple. To make up for August’s failure, I’ll be dying my hair a bright red, perfect for the fall season.


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