Must-See Artists On Tour This Summer from May to August

Looking for some concerts to go to this summer? Need a last minute ticket? Check these artists out! 

1) Kehlani 

Kehlani will be on tour until July 20th and will be in Philadelphia July 10th!

2) J-Cole 

J. Cole will be touring June 1st through December 9th; however, he'll only be in the United States until August 20th.

3) Chance The Rapper 

Chance the Rapper will be touring until October 3rd and will be stopping in Pittsburgh, PA on May 20th!

4) Bruno Mars 

Bruno Mars will be in North America from July 15th to November 11th. He'll be stopping in Pittsburgh on August 22nd!

5) The Weeknd 

The Weeknd will be touring until July 22nd, but he'll only be in the North America until June 18th. Unfortunately, he will not be stopping in Pennsylvania.


6) Trey Songz 

Trey Songz begins his tour on May 3rd and he'll be making a stop in Philadelphia on May 13th.

7) Future 

Future's tour begins May 4th and he'll be stopping in Pittsburgh on May 25th!

Don't miss out!

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