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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

Finals week is soon approaching. For many students that means high stress levels, all-nighters and caffeine overload. Your semester grades are on the line and you want to not only excel but also stay sane. Her Campus IUP has come up with several items that will help make your finals week stress-free.

Healthy Snacks

You may find yourself getting less sleep than usual during finals week. So it’s crucial to make sure that you have enough energy to focus on studying and your exams. Stock up on some granola bars, apples, bananas and pretzels to snack on and keep you focused. Eating healthy foods will give you the boost you need to do well on your tests.


When studying, one of the easiest things to do is color code your notes with a highlighter. It’s a great way to make certain definitions and statements in your notes stand out. It’ll help keep your study materials organized and the different colors will help you to separate the material in a way that’ll make memorization easier.

Flash Cards

These guys will be your best friends if you need to memorize definitions, formulas, or important snippets of information. It’ll help you to discover what you know and what material you need to study more. You can have your friends quiz you or study with a friend in your class using them to help each out. If you don’t have note cards or don’t feel like making them you can go to http://www.gflashcards.com/ and type up your flashcards and then download the app on your iPhone to load the flashcards onto your phone.


It’s important to use your planner so you can plug in your final dates and times. You can also use it to create a study schedule so you can balance the amount of time you put into studying for each class. It’ll help you prioritize and stay organized.

Flash Drive

It’s a smart idea to back up all your work during finals week. You want to make sure you’re prepared in case your laptop dies or you spill coffee all over your keyboard. If you take a little time to make sure you have saved copies you’ll be ready for anything. If you don’t have a flash drive you still email yourself copies of your papers just to be completely safe!

Comfy Clothes

You have enough to worry about during finals week, clothes shouldn’t add to the stress. Throw on a pair of yoga pants or leggings to help make you feel not only comfortable but also cute.

No matter what happens just remember to stay positive and give yourself short breaks here and there. If you stay focused and organized and try your best you can’t go wrong. Best of luck on your finals- from Her Campus IUP!