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Morgan Huey, IUP Ambassador

Morgan Huey, a junior Pre-chiropractic major, is this week’s IUP Campus Celebrity. Being a Pre-chiropractic major with a Chemistry minor can be pretty tough, but Morgan is finally in the clear, and cannot wait to pursue her career.  She would love it if she could get a job in the Northeast, working at her own pediatric and family chiropractic practice. She wants to work someplace like Vermont, where there are excellent mountains for skiing.

When Morgan is not skiing, she is actively involved on campus. She is a tutor for the American Chemical Society, which provides free tutoring for those who need help in chemistry, she is also a member and web page designer for Alpha Chi Sigma, the nation’s only professional chemistry mixed fraternity, as well as an IUP Ambassador.

It was the IUP Ambassador program that made Morgan truly appreciate Indiana University of Pennsylvania. During her first year, she admits that she applied to IUP because of how good the sScience program is, and she knew she was going to get a great education. She didn’t however, have a lot of pride or school spirit. Since becoming involved with the Ambassador program, she has come to love the school.

“It has really opened my eyes to see the things the students and professors achieve here. Talking and networking with older generations of alumni is really cool too. They are so excited to be back and network with each other, as well as meet some of the current students.”

Her advice for underclassmen?

“In your life, don’t be afraid to be happy for other peoples successes. Because eventually success will find you, too. If you are excited and support others, there will be people that will be excited and support you when your time comes. There’s is no point in being successful if you don’t have anyone to share it with.”


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