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Meet Heather Diulus!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

Meet Heather Diulus

PC: Heather Diulus

Heather Diulus is a junior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Before attending college, Heather went to Baldwin High School in Pittsburgh, PA. GO HIGHLANDERS!

Heather is majoring in Communications Media with a Media Marketing Track, she chose this major because she has always been interested in the business/marketing side of the entertainment industry as well as working with many different social media networking platforms. She is in three organizations: Alpha Xi Delta, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and the American Marketing Association (AMA) where she participates the club’s fundraisers and workshops. Heather wanted to go to Indiana University of Pennsylvania because it wasn’t far from her hometown. She also thought she could see herself enjoying the environment at IUP.

One of Heather’s favorite classes at IUP is Intro to Personal Relations because she learned a lot from Mr. Randy Jesick, and the final project showed her that she could produce a quality of work that she never thought she was capable of doing. Another class she appreciated was Aesthetics and Theory of Communications Media with Dr. Jim Lenze because it challenged her. For instance, working with all different kinds of personalities in group projects while under a lot of stress.

College has improved Heather’s self-discipline, made her a hard worker, and shaped her into someone who is comfortable in their own skin–which is something she struggled with back in high school. One of her favorite memories in college so far is going through sorority formal recruitment on her own this spring semester. The recruitment provided Heather with the experience of creating close relationships with many people that she had never met before and being forced to step out of her comfort zone.

Even though Heather lives off campus, she loves eating at the Crimson Café any chance she gets. Heather’s advice to incoming freshman would be to “get involved and go to as many events as possible, it exposes you to awesome experiences and the opportunity to meet new people”. After graduating and completing her summer internship, she wishes to jump right in to whatever career opportunities she is given.

Heather’s dream job is to work in movie marketing, radio promotions, or social media/marketing for a makeup company or clothing brand. Some of her hobbies include drawing, reading, and spending time with friends and family. An interesting fact about Heather is that she has lived in four different places since she was born including Pittsburgh, Florida, Cleveland, and Alabama. Heather’s favorite clothing store is Boohoo and Forever 21, and the makeup brand she prefers is Morphe. She loves hot fries, wings, and almost anything spicy. Heather has two mini Goldendoodles, Finnegan and Tobi–both of which she adores. Her favorite vacation spots are at Bethany Beach, DE, and Crab Island in Destin, FL, which has floating bars, paddle boarding, and water trampolines.

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