It's Almost Fall!

With Fall just around the corner, I’ve been seeing more and more bucket list posts for the season. However, most of the time they’re extremely long and it leaves you wondering if Fall is even long enough to accomplish all these things? (Ps, Fall is never long enough) I figured I would simplify it for you and give you five solid things to do to make this Fall the best one yet.

1. Go to a pumpkin patch/corn maze

(Photo by Jonathan Talbert)

Sometimes you can do both at the same place, sometimes they just offer one or the other. However, doing at least one is an essential fall activity.

2. Make a fun fall recipe

(Photo by Jasmine Waheed)

I recommend these fun fall pretzels! They’re quick and easy, perfect for a party or just to make with friends.

3. Have a spooky movie marathon

(Gif via

Get some friends, make a blanket fort, and snuggle in because it’s going to be a long day. This one takes a little more preparation than most, especially if you decide to curate the list yourself. Or you can just Google an essential Halloween movie list and you’ll be set.

4. DIY a cute decoration

(Photo by DesignEcologist)

Here is a list of 100 cheap and easy Fall decorations. Do one or go nuts and do them all!

5. Just take a walk outside and enjoy the changing of the leaves

(Photo by Anshu A)

Nothing is better than taking a walk outside and appreciating the nature around you. Especially when nature is changing to look so amazing and makes for the greatest pictures.


Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it! Fall is amazing and there’s so much to do that you’re bound to find something enjoyable. Happy (almost) Fall!